What we can do for you

Whatever your goals and objectives are, we can help you achieve them. 

  • We deliver both small and large-scale projects.
  • We assist you in a broad area of topics in all levels of education. 

Are you facing challenges of technical nature? Do you need to change your organisational culture? 
Do you require an entirely new system? Do you look for an assessment of your current abilities or a strategy for your next steps? 

We assist you in planning, implementing, sustaining and improving. 

Our spectrum

Shbeemann Consulting was established to offer truly specialised education, learning and development consulting services for the entire education and lifelong learning spectrum. Our services cover early-childhood education, general education, technical and vocational education, higher education and continuous professional development.


We work with a wide range of education clients and we offer services for system enhancement institutional improvement

Ministries of Education
and Authorities

QA Agencies

Education Institutions


Consulting areas

Strategy and Implementation
  • Strategy development and execution
  • KPI development and review
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing and communication
  • Student attraction and retention
  • Innovation

Governance & Finance
  • Governance structures
  • Policies & procedures development
  • Financing and funding approaches and systems

Quality Assurance
  • Self-evaluation
  • Preparation for accreditation or inspection
  • Follow-up from accreditation or inspection
  • National QA systems
  • Internal QA systems
  • Risk management systems

  • Student-centred learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Assessment strategies
  • Alignment to National Qualification Frameworks
  • Credit systems
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

Leadership & Staff Development
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Teachers’ / Trainer’s professional development and coaching
  • Performance assessment and management

Stakeholder Relations
  • Community service and impact
  • Alumni
  • Further education institutions
  • Parents
  • Labour market


We help design and implement high-performing education systems!

1- Education National and Institutional Transformation
We develop and implement different types of education reform- viral, added, top-down, bottom-up tailored to your vision

2- Quality and Accountability
We establish cutting-edge quality assurance & enhancement and innovative governance and accountability systems on a national and institutional level

3- Strategy and Implementation
We develop, review and carry out national and institutional strategies and support implementation and growth projects

4- Funding and Financing
We design new national systems for funding and financing of education and help manage finances effectively at institutional level

5- Student-centred Approaches
We design curricula and learning environments in a way that places the learner at the centre

6- Digital and Innovation
We modernise education systems utilising the latest innovative technology, products and processes

High- performing Education Systems
Your partner on a journey towards a better future
in education, based on excellence,
innovation and sustainability.



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